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Here is a list of some of my favorite Christmas movies and cds! All of the movies are available on DVD!

it_a_wonderful_life_dvd_large“It’s a Wonderful Life” Starring James Stewart and Donna Reed. This is a classic, black and white Christmas movie!

images“White Christmas” Starring Danny Kaye, Rosmary Clooney, and Bing Crosby. This is one of my favorite Christmas movies! It has the best music, and great dances!

“Holiday Inn” Starring Fred Astair and Bing Crosby. This is a great Christmas, or any holiday movie! It’s a classic black and white, musical.

e52“Holiday Affair” Starring Robert Mitchum. This is such a good movie! They also re-made it in the 90’s. Both versions are great, but I think I like the original the best!

i“Gremilns” Ok, this isn’t exactly a Christmas movie, but it does take place during Winter, and during Christmas!

3243“Noel By Josh Groban” This is Josh Grobans first Christmas cd! It’s really great, and I’m not even a Christmas music type of person!

images1Ashley Tisdales “Last Christmas” single. You can get this song on ITunes! It’s really good!

yrt“Bishop’s Wife” Starring Cary Grant and Loretta Young. This is a really good, fun Christmas movie!

images2“Christmas in Connecticut” Starring Barbara Stanwyck. This is such a funny movie! It’s one of my favs!

yrt1“Mrs Santa Claus” Starring Angela Lansbury. This is a cute Christmas musical! Angela Lansbury is really good in it!


Troy Bolton: “East High is a place where teachers encouraged us to break the status quo and define ourselves as we choose. Where a jock can cook up a mean crème brulee, and a brainiac can break it down on the dance floor. It’s a place where one person, if it’s the right person, changes us all. East High is having friends we’ll keep for the rest of our lives, and that means we really are ‘all in this together’. Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat ! ”

This is probably the last HSM, or at least the last one with the original cast. They really seemed to step it up for this one! The music numbers are so much better then the other 2, and the music is great.

 A lot happens in this movie. It’s the last year for Troy and the gang. They have finals, prom, graduation, and even the last musical they’ll ever do at East High. Troy struggles with what he wants to do with his life, and so does Gabriella. Troy finds out that he has been entered to get a scholrsip at Julliard, but his whole life, he and his dad have dreamed of him becoming a basketball star.

Gabriella always thought that she would go to a college, but she starts to question herself about going, because the she would have to leave Troy and all of her friends behind.

Sharpay is her usual selfish self! But she’s calmed down a little! Sharpay has a great music number, “I Want It All’, that is quite a bit better then “Fabulous” It’s very 1940’s, with the type of music, props, and dance! I was really disappointed though that Sharpay, played by Ashley Tisdale, wasn’t in the movie very much. And Ryan, played by Lucas Grabeel wasn’t either!

And now, we find that their are 3 new kids, which makes it look like they are going to make a 4th one. The new kids are: Tiara, played by Jemma McKenzie-Brown, Jimmy “The Rocket”, played by Matt Prokop, and Donny, played Justin Martin. I don’t think any of them are that great though. But it’s pretty obvious that they will be the new “HSM kids” in a 4th movie. It looks like Tiara will take over Sharpays character, and Jimmy will probably be the new Troy.

 Another great music number was “Take My Hand” sung by Troy and Gabriella. They did a beautiful waltz!

“A Night To Remember” is done by the cast of the last musical. It’s about the prom, and getting ready for it.  I wish they would have done a ‘real’ prom number though, and not just the stage performance. But the song, and the dance was really amazing!


One of my favorite musical numbers was “Scream” sung by Troy. After he finds out that Gabriella won’t come back from college to go to the prom. He’s pretty upset, so he goes to East High, and sings about how he’s so confused. Some people in the theater were laughing, probably because it is a little ‘over the top’, but I liked it anyway! They even used a old trick, making the whole room spin, so that Troy is walking on the wall, and ceiling. That was first used in a Fred Astaire movie, “Royal Wedding”!  Audiences thought that is was just amazing back then, but I guess if it’s not CGI, it’s not that cool!

The last music number, “We’re All In This Together, the Graduation” was really good to. But a little sad, since it’s the last time we’ll see Troy, Gabriella, Chad, Taylor, and Sharpay for the last time!

I LOVED this movie! I really think it’s the best of the 3. I don’t think that Vanessa Hudgens, Gaberilla, did that great of a job though. She’s a great singer and dancer, but just not a great actress. I loved all the music numbers, except “Right Here, Right Now” just didn’t seem to fit. And it really annoyed me that they had 3 new kids in it, it’s so obvious that they will be the new cast, and none of them are even that good! But all and all, I give this movie 9/10 stars!

Here are some new posters for High School Musical 3!

HSM 3 will be coming to theaters on Oct 24, 2008. It seems like the same cast will be in it!

High School Musical Cast

This sequel to National Treasure came out in theaters today. Bill Gates (Nicolas Cage) has to prove that his great-great-grandfather was not responsible for Lincolns assassination. He has to do this by finding the code on one of the missing pages of diary of John Wilkes. This movie also stars Diane Kruger and Justin Bartha. This one was not as good as the first one. It wasn’t as funny, and the story wasn’t as good, but it still is a okay movie. I give it a B.


This color musical stars Gene Kelly and Judy Garland! Garland plays a gal who is in love with a legendary pirate, Macoco. Kelly plays a travling singer, and by accident, Garland mistakenly thinks that he is Mococo, and falls in love with him, even though she’s engaged! This movie did not do very well when it came out, I don’t know why! I LOVE it, it’s a great movie! Kelly and Garland are a GREAT team, it’s a good story, and has great music numbers like “Nina”, “Mack the Black”, “Love of My Life”, “You Can do No Wrong”, and “Be a Clown”. I give this movie a A! 

“Don’t get it wet. Keep it aways from bright light. And no matter how much it cries or begs, NEVER EVER feed it after midnight!”       

These are the 3 rules for keeping Gizmo, a mogwai. But as you can probably guess, he gets wet. I can’t really say what happens if he gets wet, because it will give away the movie, so you’ll just have to watch it and see!! I love this movie! I give it a A+!!

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This is the sequel to Mrs. Miniver! It still stars Greer Garson and Walter Pidgeon. In this movie, Garson finds out that she has cancer and only has 6 months to live.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

These 3 Left Behind movies star Kirk Cameron, Brad Johnson, Chelsea Noble, and Clarence Gilyard. Suddenly millions of people have vanished around the world. The only people who are left, are the people who didn’t believe in God. These movies are based on the Left Behind series. They are SO good! I give the first 2 an A and the 3rd one a A++!!Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

It’s rumored that Zac Efron, Vanessa Ann Hudgens, and Ashley Tisdale will NOT be staring in High School Musical 3 (which will not be on the Disney Channel, but on the big screen)! It’s said that Efron, Hudgens, and Tisdale were offered one million dollars, but they turned it down, (It’s also said that Efron was offered 2.75 million, and the other stars 1 million). They are still going to make the movie, even though it might not have the stars that made HSM the fastest selling tv movie ever. 

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The 3rd LOTR movie. It won 11 Academy Awards! “The final battle for the Middle-earth begins”.

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Here are some new pictures from the movie Batman; The Dark Knight. It will come out in summer of 2008.

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This spring, their will be a HSM 3! It will be on the big screen!!! The working titles are, “Haunted High School Musical”, and “High School Musical 3, Gradu-Dancin'”. I hope they choose the 2nd title!Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketHSM 2 is going to air tonight on the Disney channel at 8 o’clock! They premiere was on Tuesday 14, where the cast (except Corbin Bleu) and other stars were there with fans!Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The 3rd Cheetah Girls is due to air on tv by June 2008. The director will be Kenny Ortega (The Newsies, High School Musical, and the other 2 Cheetah Girls). It will star Adrienne Bailon, Sabrina Bryan, Keily Williams, and Lori Anne Alter. It won’t star Raven though. The other 2 movies are ok, more for younger kids. Their are some good music numbers in them though. The only reason I saw the first 2 was because Raven was in them! I don’t think the 3rd one will be that good, since Raven isn’t going to be in it!Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

It was a 2 year wait, but it was worth it! WOW! I really loved it! It stars Matt Damon, Joan Allen, Julia Stiles, and Paddy Considine. This movie really didn’t give you a chance to catch your breath! It’s pretty much non-stop action! Most of the fight scenes and car chases are TOTALLY unbelieviable, but still cool. It’s kinda funny how after a 7 minute non-stop fight scene, he only walks away with a little cut on his hand! That got a lot of laughs! Also their is a car scene, where he totally crashes,  but only walks away with a slight limp. This movie was almost 2 hours long. It was SO good! It really seems like their should be a 4th movie. I hope their will be, because it seems like the did the ending so that their would be another one. I give this movie an A++++!!!!!Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

This movie stars Gene Kelly, Kathryn Grayson, and Mary Astor with other stars that do some small numbers at the end of the movie like, June Allyson, Eleanor Powell, Mickey Rooney, Red Skelton, Jose Iturbi, Judy Garland, Lena Horne and more! Kelly plays a guy who’s plays a Private, but hates it because he wants to be a Air Corps. He falls in love with Grayson, but her dad’s a Col. I love this movie, and give it an A++!

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Here’s some more news on HSM 2 that I found on the internet and in the Disney Adventures  magazine.

School’s out! Sharpays going to have a pink Mustang Convertable!! And their are rumors of a pink grand piano too! She’s also going to have a little Yorkie,( The director Kenny Ortega owns the dog in real life!) “Sharpay is definitely worse in this movie. She is more of a villain, but you still get to see her vulnerable side of her that no one has seen before.” ~Ashely Tisdale~Sharpay

Zac Effron ( most recently in the movie ‘Hairspray’) said “We take the characters through a whole completely different set of adventures, and there’s a love tirangle. It’s really a different story.” when he was asked if HSM 2 will be different from the first HSM.

Lucas Grabeel (Ryan) recently had knee surgery, but he is still dancing in this movie, even though he had a knee brace and a back brace on. “It was a lot of fun, and I had a blast on the baseball field. I hadn’t played in 10 years, but it was great.” (He’s talking about a dance number that takes place on a baseball diamond.

Gabriella will work with Troy as a lifeguard at Ryans and Sharpays’ fathers country club, Lava Springs.

The soundtrack is going to come out on August 14, 2007 at walmart and other stores. And the movie will air on the Disney Channel on August 17, 2007! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket~Sharpay and RyanPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket~HSM 2 CastPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket~Gabriella MontezPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket~Troy BoltonPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket~Chad Deforth and Taylor