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I am totally addicted to this show! They aren’t on anymore, it ran for 7 seasons, and all 7 season are now out on DVD (they also have an amazing Collectors Edtion set with all 7 seasons in a super neat box)

The first 4 seasons are my favorites. Loralie is a single mom or Rory, a smart funny teenager. They are really more like best friends then mother/daughter.

This is a great show, but like I said, the first 4 seasons are the best. As the show went on, it really got different. Rory went from being a girl-with-her-head-on-her-sholders type of gal, to a kind of rebellious, I don’t care anymore type. And it wasn’t as good after Rory went to college.

If you’re looking for a great tv show to get addicted to, check out seasons 1-7 of The Gilmore Girls. I can promise you that you won’t be disappointed!


Yes, I’m still alive! I know it’s been a long time, but I’m back and I’m ready to start posting again! Let me know if any of you have any suggestions, or have certain movies or music that you would like me to review!

Please Vote For Chanel

Hey! I entered my baby, Chanel in a Dog of the Month Contest. I’d love if you could vote for her! You can vote once a day until the contest is over! Thanks so much for your vote!


Demi Lovato has released her first cd, “Don’t Forget”! It’s really good! Some of my favorite tracks are “Don’t Forget”, “Train Wreck”, and “Two Worlds Collide”. I give this cd a A-!

This is a email that I sent to all of my friends, and I wanted to post it here. If you have the time, please, send this as a email to everyone you know!!

HI everyone! How are you? I hope you all had a GREAT Thanksgiving!
Awhile ago Oprah did a show on how animals that we consume are treated. Most animals, including chickens used for eggs, are kept in cages where they literally can’t even turn around. The cages are way to small. These animals don’t even get to see the light of day, much less have a happy life. Please, read this website, and PLEASE forward this to everyone in your contacts!
Also, if you eat eggs, make sure that they say CAGE-FREE, Free Farmed, Certified Organic, Cerfified Humand, or Free-Range. If it does NOT say any of those, it means that the chicken has been in a cage that is about the size of a sheet of paper. Please, tell you parents, friends, reletives, anyone! How would YOU like to be in a cage for your whole life, where you can’t even turn around!
If you go to resturants, you can print these cards for free to give along with your tip.
And here is a link that you can sign, for free, online. It’s against the cruel ways they slaughter the chickens. I know that a lot of you are busy, espically with the holiday season, but please, it only takes a few minutes, and think of the animals! Please forward this to everyone you know! Thanks! ~Amanda Ray
A Guide To Lables!

Certified Organic*: The birds are uncaged inside barns or warehouses, and are required to have outdoor access (although there have been concerns about lax enforcement, with some large-scale producers not providing birds meaningful access to the outdoors). They are fed an organic, all-vegetarian diet free of antibiotics and pesticides, as required by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Organic Program. Beak cutting and forced molting through starvation are permitted. Compliance is verified through third-party auditing.

Free-Range: While the USDA has defined the meaning of “free-range” for some poultry products, there are no standards in “free-range” egg production. Typically, free-range egg-laying hens are uncaged inside barns or warehouses and have some degree of outdoor access. They can engage in many natural behaviors such as nesting and foraging. However, there is no information on stocking density, the frequency or duration of outdoor access, or the quality of the land accessible to the birds. There is no information regarding what the birds can be fed. Beak cutting and forced molting through starvation are permitted. There is no third-party auditing.

Certified Humane*: The birds are uncaged inside barns or warehouses, but may be kept indoors at all times. They must be able to perform natural behaviors such as nesting, perching, and dust bathing. There are requirements for stocking density and number of perches and nesting boxes. Forced molting through starvation is prohibited, but beak cutting is allowed. Compliance is verified through third-party auditing. Certified Humane is a program of Humane Farm Animal Care.

Cage-Free: As the term implies, hens laying eggs labeled as “cage-free” are uncaged inside barns or warehouses, but generally do not have access to the outdoors. They have the ability to engage in many of their natural behaviors such as walking, nesting, and spreading their wings. Beak cutting and forced molting through starvation are permitted. There is no third-party auditing.

Free-Roaming: Also known as “free-range,” the USDA has defined this claim for some poultry products, but there are no standards in “free-roaming” egg production. This essentially means the hens are cage-free. There is no third-party auditing.

United Egg Producers Certified*: The overwhelming majority of the U.S. egg industry complies with this voluntary program, which permits routine cruel and inhumane factory farm practices. By 2008, hens laying these eggs will be afforded 67 square inches of cage space per bird, less area than a sheet of paper. The hens are confined in restrictive, barren cages and cannot perform many of their natural behaviors, including perching, nesting, foraging or even spreading their wings. Compliance is verified through third-party auditing. Forced molting through starvation is prohibited, but beak cutting is allowed. This is a program of the United Egg Producers.

Vegetarian-Fed: These birds’ feed does not contain animal byproducts (unlike that consumed by most laying hens), but this label does not have significant relevance to the animals’ living conditions.

Natural: This label has no relevance to animal welfare.

Fertile: These eggs were laid by hens who lived with roosters, meaning they most likely were not caged.

Omega-3 Enriched: This label claim has no relevance to animal welfare.

My New Puppy!

I just got a new dog! She’s a Chihuahua! Her name is Chanel, and she only weighs 2 pounds! She’s just a doll!

I am still here!

Hi Everyone! I am still here, I just haven’t really been posting to much! I will be soon though, so keep checking in! ūüôā

This movie, directed by Howard Hawk, stars Cary Grant and Jean Arthur. And it co-stars Rita Haywort, and Richard Barthelmess.

Grant plays Geoff Carter, a tough guy who is the head of an air-freight service that operates in very dangerous mountains. Arthur plays Bonnie Lee, a lady who’s on vacation, and gets stuck while waiting for her next boat to come in. She just happens to go to Carters plane place (which also has a little restaurant). She meets Carter, and he’s pretty rude! Later that day, a man dies while trying to land, and Bonnie finds out how cold hearted Carter really is. He doesn’t even bat a eye when his plane wrecks, but he is really just trying to act like a ‘tough guy’.

Bonnie really starts to fall for Carter, till one day, his old girlfriend comes back (Rita Hayworth). That causes a little bit of trouble!


This movie has a sad, but good ending. I really like Howard Hawks movies. He was a great director. He made a few films with Grant, such as; “Bringing Up Baby”, and “His Girl Friday”. This movie, although not a comedy, does have some humorous parts, and that helps break up the drama. I give this movie a A+!


Happy Memorial Day!!

Happy Memorial Day! I hope everyone has a safe and fun Memorial Day!

Hollywood Canteen

This movie stars Joan Leslie, Robert Hutton, Dane Clark, Janis Paige.  With guest stars: the Andrews Sisters, Jack Benny, Joe E. Brown, Eddie Cantor, Kitty Carlisle, Jack Carson, Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, John Garfield, Sydney Greenstreet, Paul Henreid, Peter Lorre, Ida Lupino, Irene Manning, Joan McCracken, Dennis Morgan, Eleanor Parker, Roy Rogers and Trigger, Barbara Stanwyck, Jane Wyman.

This movie is based on the Hollywood Canteen (A place in Hollywood where soldiers could come and meet stars, and get a bite to eat).

This movie stars James Cagney and Jane Greer. Cagney plays Lon Chaney, the famous silent film actor. This was a really good movie, with great acting! I give it a A++!


This movie is due to come out on August 15, 2008.

This movie stars Dennis Morgan, Doris Day, Jack Carson, Bill Goodwin, Irving Bacon, Claire Carleton, Harlan Warde, Jacqueline de Wit. With Guest appearances by Gary Cooper, Edward G. Robinson, Joan Crawford, Danny Kaye, Errol Flynn, Ronald Reagan, Jane Wyman, Eleanor Parker, Patricia Neal.

Day plays a girl who wants to be a star, and Carson tries to help her by taking her to all the big producers. This is a ok movie, it’s cool to watch though, because of all the stars that make guest appearances! I give it a D-.

This movie stars Gene Raymond, Franchot Tone and Joan Crawford. Crawford plays a maid who becomes¬†the wife of a wealthy, older man. This was an ok movie, not¬†Crawford’s best, and definitely not one of Gene Raymond’s best movies! I give it a C.

Josh Groban is coming out with a DVD/CD on May 6th of this year! It’s the Awake Live Tour!! I can’t wait to see it! You can also get a 5 track ‘preview’ cd, only at Walmart.

My Foolish Heart

This movie, based on the book by J.D. Salinger, stars Susan Hayward, Dana Andrews, Kent Smith, and Jessie Royce Landis. Hayward plays a college girl who falls in love with Andrews, during the war time. This was a really good movie! I give it a A.

I Started Some Forums!!

I just started some forums! Here is the link for Deanna, a forum forDeanna Durbin fans!

And my ~Just Gene~, A forum for Gene Kelly fans!!

I really hope that all you gene and deanna fans can join!



Hey! I’m doing a movie trivia quiz and the winner will win “The Derby Stallion” dvd staring Zac Efron, Bill Cobbs, and William R. Moses!! If you think you know all the answers, email me at¬†by Sep. 20, 2007!! Good Luck! (Many of the answers can be found on this blog!) If there is more that one person with the right answers, I’ll draw a winner!

1. What year did Deanna Durbin make her first movie, and what was it called?

2. How tall was Vincent Price?

3. What was Lucille Ball’s birthday?

 4. What year did the original King Kong come out?

5. Who wrote the book that the movie “The Postman Always Rings Twice” was based on?

6. What actress stared in the original 1940’s Nancy Drew movies?

7. What year did the original “Freaky Friday” movie come out?

8. Who directed “Bringing Up Baby”?

9. What movie won “Best Cinematography for color” in 1942?

10. When and in what state was Kathren Hepburn born?


Here are some really neat movie-related forums I found!                                              

Sharpays’ Pink Mustang!!!!!

I FINALLY found a picture of her pink mustang! I want it! Look at the SE (Sharpay  Evens) and the Fabulus lisence plate!

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