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Here is a list of some of my favorite Christmas movies and cds! All of the movies are available on DVD!

it_a_wonderful_life_dvd_large“It’s a Wonderful Life” Starring James Stewart and Donna Reed. This is a classic, black and white Christmas movie!

images“White Christmas” Starring Danny Kaye, Rosmary Clooney, and Bing Crosby. This is one of my favorite Christmas movies! It has the best music, and great dances!

“Holiday Inn” Starring Fred Astair and Bing Crosby. This is a great Christmas, or any holiday movie! It’s a classic black and white, musical.

e52“Holiday Affair” Starring Robert Mitchum. This is such a good movie! They also re-made it in the 90’s. Both versions are great, but I think I like the original the best!

i“Gremilns” Ok, this isn’t exactly a Christmas movie, but it does take place during Winter, and during Christmas!

3243“Noel By Josh Groban” This is Josh Grobans first Christmas cd! It’s really great, and I’m not even a Christmas music type of person!

images1Ashley Tisdales “Last Christmas” single. You can get this song on ITunes! It’s really good!

yrt“Bishop’s Wife” Starring Cary Grant and Loretta Young. This is a really good, fun Christmas movie!

images2“Christmas in Connecticut” Starring Barbara Stanwyck. This is such a funny movie! It’s one of my favs!

yrt1“Mrs Santa Claus” Starring Angela Lansbury. This is a cute Christmas musical! Angela Lansbury is really good in it!


This is a remake movie of a John Garfield and Priscila Lane movie, “Four Daughters”. This remake stars Doris Day and Frank Sinatra, with Gig young, Ethel Barrymore, Dorothy Malone, Robert Keith, Elisabeth Fraser, and Alan Hale Jr.

Day plays Laurie Tuttle. The average girl next door, as she plays in many of her movies. Her dad is a music teacher and her aunt lives in their house too. She also has 3 sisters. She makes a promise with her older sister that they will never get married to anyone, and that they will be old maids together. But as you would guess, they each meet guys, and fall in love.

Day meets Gig Young (who plays the character Alex Burke), who is a composer, so he fits well into the family. He proposes to her, and they decide to set a date to get married. But then one day, Sinatra (who plays Barney Sloan) comes into her life. Barney Slone is a music arranger who is hired by Alex Burke to help him with his music. He shows up at their door one day, tie all messed up, shirt wrinkled, ect. Laurie feels bad for him, and tries to cheer him up, only to find that he thinks the world is basically against him, and what he calls ‘fate’, is out to get him. As time goes by, the song gets finished, and Barney starts to fall in love with Laurie, even though she is engaged. So finally, on the day of her wedding, he decides to tell her that he’s in love with her, and that her sister is in love with Lauries fiance! So she decides to basically dump her fiance so that her  sister won’t be hurt, and runs away and marries Barney.


So now Barney and Laurie are married, but they are struggling financially. He can’t find work, and she doesn’t know what to do. They go back to her family’s home for Christmas, and she finds out that her sister, who really was in love with Alex, is now married and happy. And that her other sisters are doing well. But Alex is there, and that causes a little bit of tenseness.

This movie has a very good ending, much better then the sad ending in “Four Daughters”. Also this is the only movie in which the two biggest singing stars of the 1950’s are teamed and sing together in a movie. They have several great songs including “One for my Baby, and One More for the Road”, the title song “Young At Heart”, and “Ready, Willing and Able”.

This movie stars Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson and James Dean, with Carroll Baker, Jane Withers, Chill Whills and Mercedes McCambridge. Taylor plays a lady who marries a Texan. She moves to Texas with him, and finds out how different it is then where she lived before.

This movie stars Barbara Stanwyck, Barry Sullivan, and Ralph Meeker. Stanwyck and Sullivan play a married couple who go on a vacation to Mexico. They go to a deserted beach to camp there. While at the beach, a pier falls and traps him in the water. Stanwyck must run for help before the tide comes in. On her way for help, she meets a escaped con. This was a pretty good movie, pretty short though (only a little over a hour), but still a good movie. I give it a B.

Harriet Craig

This movie stars Joan Crawford, Wendell Corey, Lucille Watson, and Allyn Joslyn. Crawford plays a obsessive housewife who wants everything and everyone perfect! It doesn’t really work out to well, as she finds out. This was a really good movie!! I give it a A-!



Here is the new picture of the cover of the Tyrone Power DVD set that will be coming out July 26!!


“Ladies and gentlemen, please do not panic! But SCREAM! Scream for your lives!”

This horror movie stars Vincent Price and Judith Evelyn. It was directed by William Castle. Price plays a scientist who is studying the effects of fear. He later finds out that their is a creature in peoples back that attacks them when they get scared, and the only way to save yourself, is to SCREAM!!! This was a very good movie! I give it a A-!

This movie, based on things that really happened, stars James Stewart, Vera Miles, and Murray Hamilton. Stewart plays one of the first FBI men when the FBI first got started. This was a really good movie! I give it a A-!

A new, 10 movie, 5 DVD Tyrone Power dvd set will be coming out on July 29, 2008! The 10 movies will be Cafe Metropole(1937), Girls Dormitory(1936), Johnny Apollo(1940), Daytime Wife (193), Luck of the Irish (1948), I’ll Never Forget You (1951), That Wonderful Urge (1948), Love is News (1937), This Above All (1942), Second Honeymoon (1937).


This movie stars John Garfield (in his last movie) and Shelly Winters. After Nick (Garfield) and his friend Al stage a payroll holdup, Garfield has to try to find somewhere to hid. This was a GREAT movie! It isn’t out on video or dvd, but they do play it on TCM. I really liked it! I give it a A!

he ran all the way

This movie has a GREAT all-star cast! (Which was just recently realised on DVD!) With Ginger Rogers, Van Heflin, GeneTierney, George Raft, and Peggy Ann Gagner! Garner plays an aspiring writer wanting to make it big in New York. After she meets Heflin, he tries to help her out by letting her use his apartment to work in during the day while he’s at work. Later he finds her dead in his apartment. Was she killed? Who did it and why? This was a GREAT movie! Ginger Rogers was REALLY good in it!! I give it a A!

Ginger Rogers George RaftGene Tierney - Color

This movie stars Glenn Ford, Gloria Grahame, Joycelyn Brando, and Alexander Scourby. Ford plays a guy who is a cop, and after his wife is killed by a bomb meant for him, he tries to find the killer. I give this movie a B-.

This movie stars Frank Sinatra, Sterling Hayden, James Gleason, and Nancy Gates. Sinatra plays a guy who is planning to kill the President when he passes though a small town. This is a different movie than most ones that Frank Sinatra is in. It’s really good though! I give it a B.


This movies stars Michael Rennie, Patricia Neal, and Hugh Marlowe. When a spaceship lands in Washington D.C, it causes quite a stir! The alien refuses to reveal his mission to any one government! What will they do? I really like this movie!! I give it a A!

Day the Earth Stood StillThe Day The Earth Stood Still

This movie stars Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr. Grant plays a guy who meets Kerr on a ocean liner going to New York, and they fall in love. One problem though, they both are engaged to someone else. So, they agree to meet in 6 months, at the top of the Empire State Building, if they still feel the same way about each other. This is one the best movies! I give it a A++!! This movie is a MUST see, and definitely a classic!

Affair to rememberaffair to rememberAN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER

This movie stars Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn with Gig Young and Joan Blondell. Hepburn plays a lady who works in a library research place. Tracy comes in and wants to computerize everything, but by doing that, everyone will be out of a job. This is a really funny movie, and Tracy and Hepburn are GREAT together on screen!! I give this movie a A!

Desk Set

This movie, based on the diary of Anne Frank, stars Mille Perkins, Joseph Schildkruat, and Shelley Winters. Anne Frank and her family had to go in hiding during WWII, because they were Jewish. They, with another family, had to hide in a Amsterdam attic fro 2 years. This was a very good movie, but very sad. I give it a A-.

diary of anne frank

This Alfred Hitchock movie stars James Stewart and Doris Day. Stewart and Day play a married couple, who go, with their son, to Morocco. Their they meet a French spy who dies in the arms of Stewart. After that happends, their son is kidnapped and taken to Europe. This movie is really great, and different than most of the movies that Doris Day is in. She did a GREAT job! I really loved this movie! I give it a A!

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Vivian Leigh

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketVivian Leigh was born on Nov 5, 1913 in India. When she was only six years old, her parents sent her to a boarding school. Their she fell in love with acting! In the 30’s she went to Hollywood to try to become a actress. Her first movies didn’t do very well, but in 1939, she made one of the best movies ever made, “Gone with the Wind”! She married Laurence Oliver in 1940, and they made several movies together and did many plays too. Leigh died in 1967 from chronic tuberculosis. She made only 19 movies, but many of them are now classics.

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This movie stars Cary Grant and Grace Kelly with Jessie Royce Landis and John Williams. It was directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Grant plays a ‘reformed’ jewel thief who falls in love with a rich heiress (Kelly), who’s mother has a lot of jewels! This is not one of my favorite movies, but both Grant and Kelly did a very good job! I give it a D.

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The comedy stars Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz with Marjorie Main, and Keenan Wynn. This is one of my favorite comedy movies! Ball and Arnaz play  newlyweds on their honeymoon. They deciede to buy a trailer, so that they can just travel anywhere they want to, with the comforts of home! But, it’s not quit as easy as it seems! They get into a mess of trouble along the way! I LOVE this movie and I give it a A++!!

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This color movie stars, Debbie Reynolds, Leslie Neilsen, Walter Brennan, Mala Powers, and Sidney Blackmer. Tammy (Reynolds) plays a girl who lives on a Mississippi river boat. She falls in love with a rich southern gentleman after her grandpa rescues him from a plane crash. I give this movie a A-.

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This is the sequel to Mrs. Miniver! It still stars Greer Garson and Walter Pidgeon. In this movie, Garson finds out that she has cancer and only has 6 months to live.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Rawhide (1951)

This movie stars Tyrone Power, Susan Hayward, and Hugh Marlowe. A gang of outlaws seize a stage coach and kill the station manager. He holds the passengers (Hayward) captive while they wait for the arrival a gold. I give this movie a B. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Rise Stevens was born in New York in 1913. She attended the N.Y Julliard School of Music. She was only in 9 movies, but her greatest accomplishment was playing “Carmen” at the Metropolitan Opera in NY. Some of her movies included, “The Chocolate Soldier” with Nelson Eddy, and “Going My Way” with Bing Crosby. She is still living in New York.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket