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This drama stars Bette Davis, Paul Henreid, and Claude Rains. It was based on the play by Louis Verneuil, and produced by Henry Blanke.

Davis plays a pianist, Christine Radcliffe. One day, she finds out that her boyfriend (Henried), Karel Novak, is not dead like she thought. She finds him and sees that he is still playing the cello, as he was before the war separated them. When he goes to her apartment, he finds it’s lavishly decorated with expensive paintings, furniture, and furs in her closet! Where did she get all this money, since she’s only a music teacher? Well, she says that they are gifts from her students, and he believes her.

Later, Karel and Christine marry. They have a wedding party, and suddenly Claude Rains (his character’s name is Hollenius) ‘crashes’ their party. He seems very upset, and Karel is a little confused. Hollenius talks about how he was her teacher for many years, and how he feels like she’s a daughter to him, but you can tell it was deeper then that!

That’s when the deceiving and lying start! She says that there is and never was anything between Hollenius and her, and he still buys it, but he is getting more skeptical as time goes by. Hollenius decides to help Karel out, by auditioning him in his orchestra. He makes it stressful for him, by constantly picking at him. Hollenius decides to hire him for a big concert he’s conducting, but Christine thinks he has something up his sleeve. She doesn’t think he’ll show. She decides to go to Hollenus’s house to make sure that he’s going to go, but when she gets there, she finds out how cruel and heartless he is. She runs up the stairs and grabs a gun. She threatens him, but he acts like he doesn’t care, and like she doesn’t have the guts the pull the trigger! I won’t say how this movie ends, but if your a Bette Davis fan, you can probably figure it out!

This was a very good movie, and I think Davis did a great job in it! Many people say that she ‘over-acted’ in this role, but that’s what made her, her! This isn’t exactly a film noir story, but the camera angles make it one. Their are many diagonal shots, and far off shots. Their are also a lot of shadows, and darkness. A couple intersting things to watch for is when ever Davis and Henrid are in a shot, their is normally something between them, like a window pane, or a piano, or even just a big space. Which shows how they aren’t really together, and their is something separating them. Davis often seems ‘trapped’ in things, like a piano, or a diagonal shot. Just like her lies are trapping her in her life.  Also when Davis, Henrid, and Rains are in a shot together, Rains is always between them, showing how he keeps coming between them in their life. The more you watch it, the more you see these things! Also, if you have it on DVD, their is a GREAT audio commentary by Foster Hirsch. He talks about all these things, and it really teaches you the techniques of film noir!

I give this movie a A!


This movie stars Barbara Stanwyck, Barry Sullivan, and Ralph Meeker. Stanwyck and Sullivan play a married couple who go on a vacation to Mexico. They go to a deserted beach to camp there. While at the beach, a pier falls and traps him in the water. Stanwyck must run for help before the tide comes in. On her way for help, she meets a escaped con. This was a pretty good movie, pretty short though (only a little over a hour), but still a good movie. I give it a B.

This movie stars Lana Turner, Constance Bennett (in her last film role), John Forsythe, and Keir Dullea. Turner plays a lady who becomes involved in blackmail, murder, and a life of lies. This was a VERY good movie! And Lana Turner was GREAT in this role!! I give it a A!


This movie stars Katharine Hepburn, Robert Taylor, and Robert Mitchum. Hepburn plays a scientist who falls in love with Taylor, and then marries him. She starts to think that he’s really a psychotic who’s planning on murdering her. Mitchum plays his brother, who Taylor refuses to talk about. This was a really good movie. I’m not a huge Robert Taylor fan, but he did a really good job in this movie. And Hepburn and Mitchum were really good in this movie too! I give this movie a A-.

This movie, based on things that really happened, stars James Stewart, Vera Miles, and Murray Hamilton. Stewart plays one of the first FBI men when the FBI first got started. This was a really good movie! I give it a A-!

This film-noir movie stars Alan Ladd and Veronica Lake with Robert Preston. Ladd plays a professional killer who was double crosed by his client. Lake plays a nightclub singer who is spying on her boss. This was a REALLY good movie! I give it a A++!!

This Alfred Hitchcook movie stars Farley Granger, Ruth Roman and Robert Walker. Granger plays a tennis star who half-jokingly kids about killing his wife with a guy he meets on a train (Walker). Little does he know that Walker really believes him! This is a GREAT movie! I give it a A++!!

This film noir movie stars Alice Faye, Dana Andrews, and Linda Darnell. Faye plays a simple girl who lives in the county with her sister. Then one day Andrews, a con man, comes to town. He seems to be falling in love with Faye, but her sister thinks that he’s only after their family fortue. I give this movie A-!

Fallen Angel poster

This movie stars Cathy O’Donnell, Farley Granger and Howard Da Silva. Granger plays a guy who every one thinks is the head of a big  gang, but he really is just the driver. Granger and O’Donnell decide to run away, but they are really running from the law. I LOVED this movie! I give it a A++!

farley granger

This movie stars John Garfield (in his last movie) and Shelly Winters. After Nick (Garfield) and his friend Al stage a payroll holdup, Garfield has to try to find somewhere to hid. This was a GREAT movie! It isn’t out on video or dvd, but they do play it on TCM. I really liked it! I give it a A!

he ran all the way

This movie has a GREAT all-star cast! (Which was just recently realised on DVD!) With Ginger Rogers, Van Heflin, GeneTierney, George Raft, and Peggy Ann Gagner! Garner plays an aspiring writer wanting to make it big in New York. After she meets Heflin, he tries to help her out by letting her use his apartment to work in during the day while he’s at work. Later he finds her dead in his apartment. Was she killed? Who did it and why? This was a GREAT movie! Ginger Rogers was REALLY good in it!! I give it a A!

Ginger Rogers George RaftGene Tierney - Color

This movie stars Glenn Ford, Gloria Grahame, Joycelyn Brando, and Alexander Scourby. Ford plays a guy who is a cop, and after his wife is killed by a bomb meant for him, he tries to find the killer. I give this movie a B-.

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This movie stars Frank Sinatra, Sterling Hayden, James Gleason, and Nancy Gates. Sinatra plays a guy who is planning to kill the President when he passes though a small town. This is a different movie than most ones that Frank Sinatra is in. It’s really good though! I give it a B.


This movies stars Gene Tierney and Dana Andrews with Clifton Webb and Vincent Price. After everyone thinks that Tienrey is dead, she comes back to her apartment from the country, only to find that everyone thinks that she has been killed. Who made up that story and why? I LOVE this movie! I give it a A++!Laura poster

This film-noir movie stars Anne Baxter, Ralph Bellamy, Aline MacMahon, Ruth Warrick, Scott McKay, Jerome Cowan, Margaret Hamilton, and Percy Kilbride. Baxter plays the ‘guest in the house’ who is emotionally disturbed. She turns the whole household upside down, and makes everyone feel as if they were in a terrible nightmare. This was a pretty good movie, it’s hard to find, so the video I got was in pretty bad shape, but it was worth it to watch it. Ann Baxter, probably most famous in the role of Eve in “All About  Eve” was very good. Her role in both movies where rather alike in some ways! I give this movie a B.


This horror movie stars Bette Davis, Olivia de Havilland, Joseph Cotten and Mary Astor, with Agnes Moorehead. Davis plays a older lady who has lived in her mansion since the terrible murder of her boyfriend. Havilland, her sister, comes to try to help her out. Just what happened with the murder and why did Davis’s sister come back after so many years? This is a very good movie, quite different than anything de Havilland ever did! I give this movie a A-!

hush hush sweet charlotteHush Hush Sweet Charlotte

This Alfred Hitchock movie stars James Stewart and Doris Day. Stewart and Day play a married couple, who go, with their son, to Morocco. Their they meet a French spy who dies in the arms of Stewart. After that happends, their son is kidnapped and taken to Europe. This movie is really great, and different than most of the movies that Doris Day is in. She did a GREAT job! I really loved this movie! I give it a A!

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This movie stars Cary Grant and Grace Kelly with Jessie Royce Landis and John Williams. It was directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Grant plays a ‘reformed’ jewel thief who falls in love with a rich heiress (Kelly), who’s mother has a lot of jewels! This is not one of my favorite movies, but both Grant and Kelly did a very good job! I give it a D.

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This Alfred Hitchcock movie stars Cary Grant and Joan Fontaine, with Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Nigel Bruce and Dame May Whitty. Fontaine plays a wealthy, shy girl who falls in love with Grant. She finds out, after they are married, that he is broke, and is possibly a murderer. And she thinks the she’s his next victim. I give this movie a A!

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“Live fast, Die young, and have a good lookin’ corpse” was Nick Romaros’ motto for life. John Dercle (In his first movie) plays a trouble kid who turns into a gangster. Humphrey Bogart plays a attorney how tries to help him out. When Romaro is charged for murder,

 Bogart tries to defend him. I give this movie an A!!Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

This one of 2 drama movies that Betty Grable did. This movie also stars Victor Mature and Carole Landis. Grable plays a girl whos’ sister is murdered and Mature plays the guy that is accussed of the murder. I give this movie a B-.

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A real-life fairy tale! Grace Kelly was born on Nov. 12, 1929. She made more than 10 movies in her career before she married Prince Rainier of Monaco in April 19, 1956. She was one of Alfred Hitchcock’s favorite leading actress, with the movies “To Catch A Thief”, “Dial M for Murder”, and “Rear Window”. Her last movie was “High Society” and then she became Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco! At her wedding, she wore a bridal gown that was made by MGM designer, Helen Rose. It was made from 125 yards of silk, 100 yards of silk net, a 125 year-old piece of rose point lace that she bought from a museum and thousands of little pearls that were hand sewn on her veil! It was the most expensive gown the Helen Rose ever made! Grace Kelly died on Sep. 14, 1982 from a car accident that occurred while she was driving and had a stroke. A Grace Kelly stamp came out in the 90’s.

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This movie stars Humphrey Bogart and Gloria Grahame. Bogart plays a Hollywood screen writer who has a bad temper. A girl is killed, and everyone thinks that he is the killer. I LOVED this movie! I think both Bogart and Grahame did a really good job with this movie an A!

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John Garfield, Thomas Gomez and Marie Windsor star in this film noir movie based on the novel by Ira Wolfert. Garfield plays a Wall Street lawyer who’s brother is a racketeer. I give this movie an A-!

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