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I am totally addicted to this show! They aren’t on anymore, it ran for 7 seasons, and all 7 season are now out on DVD (they also have an amazing Collectors Edtion set with all 7 seasons in a super neat box)

The first 4 seasons are my favorites. Loralie is a single mom or Rory, a smart funny teenager. They are really more like best friends then mother/daughter.

This is a great show, but like I said, the first 4 seasons are the best. As the show went on, it really got different. Rory went from being a girl-with-her-head-on-her-sholders type of gal, to a kind of rebellious, I don’t care anymore type. And it wasn’t as good after Rory went to college.

If you’re looking for a great tv show to get addicted to, check out seasons 1-7 of The Gilmore Girls. I can promise you that you won’t be disappointed!


That Girl

This tv show stared Marlo Thomas as Ann Marie, and Ted Bessell as her boyfriend Donald Hollinger. Ann Marie is a independent gal, who moves from her parents home to New York to try to become a actress. The show started in 1966, and ran ’till 1971. The first 3 seasons are out on dvd. The 1st season is my favorite!

This Original Disney Channel movie stars Sara Paxton and Lucas Grabell (HSM and HSM2). Paxton plays a ‘good witch’ (think like the “Bewitched” tv show) who goes to the witches university to study magic and find out who she really is, but runs into some bully’s! This was a ‘cute’ but kiddish movie. Okay story, good acting, but nothing spectacular. Nice movie, but not a great one! I give it a C-.

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The 1st box set of YIJ will be coming out on October 23, 2007. It will only have 6 episodes on it though, but it will have 12 discs with loads of extra features.

Angela Lansbury plays J.B Fletcher, a older lady who lives in a small town in Maine. She writes mystery novels, but always seems to be getting into real mysterys! She isn’t the typical decetive! She is older, old fashion, and dosen’t even carry a gun! She just uses her brain to solve mystery after mystery! The show started in 1984 and ran untill 1996! They made 163 1-hour shows, with guest stars like, Robert Walker, June Allyson, Van Johnson, Kathryn Grayson, Gloria DeHaven, Roddy McDowall, and MANY others! The first 6 seasons are out on DVD! Their are also books that are based on this series!Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

She looks totally normal,except one thing, she’s a witch! And she marries a mortal, and her mom (Agnes Moorhead) does not approve of him at all!! This was a comedy TV show that fan from 1964-1972. I love these shows! They are really funny!! I give it an A+!!Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket