Hey! I’m doing a movie trivia quiz and the winner will win “The Derby Stallion” dvd staring Zac Efron, Bill Cobbs, and William R. Moses!! If you think you know all the answers, email me at grobanite19gal@alliancelink.com by Sep. 20, 2007!! Good Luck! (Many of the answers can be found on this blog!) If there is more that one person with the right answers, I’ll draw a winner!

1. What year did Deanna Durbin make her first movie, and what was it called?

2. How tall was Vincent Price?

3. What was Lucille Ball’s birthday?

 4. What year did the original King Kong come out?

5. Who wrote the book that the movie “The Postman Always Rings Twice” was based on?

6. What actress stared in the original 1940’s Nancy Drew movies?

7. What year did the original “Freaky Friday” movie come out?

8. Who directed “Bringing Up Baby”?

9. What movie won “Best Cinematography for color” in 1942?

10. When and in what state was Kathren Hepburn born?